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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Being competitive in a tight market

Slide scanning is a specialist subject. Yes - anyone can do it....and lots of people are, and offering their services at increasingly lower prices. Those of us that have been around for a while (are you reading this you guy's in Farnborough and Warrington?) are being squeezed to offer lower prices but retaining our high standards. This is difficult when the staffing and equipment overheads are so high, scanners are not cheap!
The market is getting smaller as more people have their images scanned, this reduces the potential work available. If we produce an excellent product there is no need for the customer to come back, unless they have other pictures to scan of course!
At Saturn Films (1969) we have diversified to include 8mm and 16mm film scanning so you can have your old film footage transferred to DVD. We have taken on more negative and photograph scanning. We have invested in better equipment for VHS, Hi-8 and digital 8 transfer to DVD. We replaced our Reel to Reel tape recorders with upgraded machines. In collaboration with Mr J Bibby we are offering unique canvas prints of crystals.
And of course our prices. We have reduced our prices to remain competitive, but we have kept our standards and indeed improved them wherever we can.
Saturn Films (1969) aim to be here for some time to come but like so  many other small businesses at the moment we are feeling the squeeze and have had to respond. I hope we have achieved the right response.

Cwmgwrach, 30-04-11

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