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Saturday, 25 July 2015

I still photograph using 35mm film

The other day one of my customers asked if I could still get hold of 35mm film and can I get it processed. I replied that indeed I can and do! I have a Nikon F-601 which I use for my 35mm photography and I love it to bits. Anyway I supplied Gareth with some Velvia film and he has gone over to France to visit some war graves. When he comes back he will give me the film and I will get it processed along with some of mine. For my part I use the 35mm largely for portrait photography though I do take the camera on location too using a wide range telephoto lens. When I get the film back I scan the images so they can be viewed on computer or tv - but for the real thrill I will use one of my projectors to throw the picture on to a wall in a darkened room  and have a family show.

The point of this post is that 35mm is still out there and I wish to promote it! If any of you readers are after film and processing please contact me and I will sort out supplies and processing for you.

If there is enough interest I will start a new page on the website for 35mm film so please get back to me with your feedback.

A couple of weekends back my daughter and I went plane spotting in Yeovilton and a great day out it was too. Below are some pics.

All pictures are the copyright of Saturn-Films 1969.